Why should we know our risk
12 April, 2020 by
Health BETA Pte Ltd, Tan Kae Yuan

Cardiovascular disease is just like many other diseases, success rate to recover fully if one can receive early treatment. By revealing cardiovascular risk score from a test, one can identify if you belong to high or low risk group. One may then get medical checkups and give necessary attention before the onset of cardiovascular disease. As such, if treatment is given at early stage, the chance to recover fully from cardiovascular disease is much higher. 

Knowing one's cardiovascular risk can help your doctor to make Informed decision. Imagine the doctor who needs to decide what treatment and what medication and at what dosage to prescribe. By knowing the risk, doctor will be able to make better clinical decision.

By know the risk, one can also adjust lifestyle to prevent cardiovascular disease. That includes monitor blood pressure, diabetes, maintain suitable level of physical exercise, watch out body weight (Body Mass Index, BMI), practice healthy and quit smoking if one does.


Health BETA Pte Ltd, Tan Kae Yuan
12 April, 2020
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